For every [design] is created by someone, but God is the [designer] of everything. Hebrews 3:4

From sea to shining sea, each shirt design in the United Shirts of America collection celebrates the things that makes our country's cities unique.
The concept of the letter forms morphed into the shape of a football is inspired by the Boston Yanks logo used on the cover of game day programs from the 1946 season.
The letter forms on this design are based on the letters that graced the facade of Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. The originals letter forms were desgined by Polish architect Francis Tarlowski. "The Old Gray Lady on 35th" was the home of the Baltimore Colts & Orioles, and Ravens (1997) from 1957 to 1997. A veterans memorial across the street from Camden Yards uses the same typography used on the Memorial Stadium facade.
As iconic as Wrigley Field and deep dish pizza, the "L" train help Chicagoans get around the Loop and out to the suburbs. The letters that spell out Chicago are made up of station signs from the various "L" train lines
The 11-time Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings have given the Motor City another nickname; "Hockey Town." The Spirit of Detroit, an iconic Detroit sculpture, dons a Red Wings home sweater and instead of holding a sphere in one hand and a family in the other hand, he holds the Stanley Cup and an octopus. Beginning in 1952, it has been a playoff tradition to throw an octopus on to the ice for good luck. The octopus' eight tentacles symbolize the eight wins needed to clinch the Cup.
The inline design in the NY was inspired by the New Jersey Transit logo and the short-lived primary logo used by the New York Giants in 1975. The orange and blue color scheme is prevalent throughout Long Island connecting to Dutch roots. The color scheme has been adopted by the New York Islanders.
Based on Massimo Vignelli's design of the New York City Subway System, this design highlights each of the five boroughs of the Big Apple. The Bronx is represented by the friezes at Yankee Stadium. Manhattan is represented by three iconic skyscrapers; the Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building. Queens is represented by the 1964 World's Fair globe. Staten Island is represented by the Staten Island Ferry. Brooklyn is represented by the Brooklyn Bridge.
Two of Philly's greatest known icons are brought together in one design. The outline of the Rocky Statue stands in the outline of the shape of the Liberty Bell. The type is based off the logo on the Rocky I soundtrack cover. The red, white, and blue color scheme pays connects with Philadelphia as the birthplace of America.
This design embodies two of San Antonio's icons; the Alamo & the Spurs. The rainbow "Fiesta" color scheme is a vintage look that the Spurs brought back as a retro uniform.
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