For every [design] is created by someone, but God is the [designer] of everything. Hebrews 3:4

Inspired by the aviation term for flights that depart at night/arrive at the crack of dawn Red Eye Airlines will get you to your destination anytime, day or night.
The goal of the logo was to create a simple design that could be easily recognized from the ground to the sky. Red Eye's logo drew inspiration from the CBS logo designed in 1951 by William Golden. Wings were added to the sides to connect with the aviation industry.
Flight Attendants who have worked 9 years or less for Red Eye Airlines wear white chevrons and a silver pin on their hat. Flight Attendants who have worked 10+ years wear gold chevrons and a gold pin on their hat. Bronze stars under their name tag represent the number of years flight attendants have worked for Red Eye. Each star equals two years of employment.
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