While attending SUNY New Paltz for my Bachelor's degree, I attended mass at St. Joseph Church down the hill from campus. When I read in the bulletin that 2016 would be the parish's 50th anniversary, I decided to volunteer my design skills and create an anniversary logo that would be a visual symbol of the year-long celebration.

Photo Credits: St. Joseph Church, Mohonk Mountain House

The primary focus of the logo was to connect the parish with Saint Joseph and the Hudson Valley. The unique church façade alone would not be unique enough. I achieved this goal by incorporating the iconic Sky Top Tower, Mohonk Mountain, and lily flowers; a symbol of St. Joseph.
The logo was well received by pastor Fr. Sal Cordaro and the entire congregation. The parish was extremely impressed and grateful for the logo. It was used throughout 2016 in church publications including the weekly bulletin and commemorative 50th anniversary yearbook.
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